To make children happy. To build trust with parents, and provide an entertainment zone for kids where they can have unlimited fun.


Creating a safe environment for children must be a priority of every caregiver – a parent and an early childhood educator. A safe environment for a child is one that provides freedom from harm and offers a sense of security in which he/she can play, develop, and learn. The zone has been made child proof with padding on the wall and on the floor for the most protected and safe fun.



Our staff members work to keep the child engaged with a myriad of activities.

  • We will provide special learning in art & craft and origami.

  •  We will provide them with lot of open space so that they don’t miss outdoor running around.

  • We take members of the Uchhal Kood to the beautiful places for picnic.

  • One day of a month we will keep for specially abled child.


A vast array of toys are provided for the children to have fun.

  • The jumbo cushion padded equipment has been created          to stimulate the feeling of thrill without bounds. The children  will feel the rush when they enter this castle which is  divided into multiple sections.

  • We have a blast with slides, role play sets, building blocks, see-saws and other assorted toys. The corner will also bring into light the feeling of being on the beach with our sand box and water bodies.




The young chef's academy is a cooking school for kids, it is a platform offered by the learning place to the young minds to enhance and inculcate culinary skills in them.


We offer hands on learning experience to kids through our program

  • We teach kids how to make soft toys

  • Movies are shown

  • Story telling from religious texts and fairy tales.


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